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Shadowed Mark

November 9, 2011

It is the inevitable.

The shadow connects,

Solid impact for but a moment.

The force pulls down, always and forever, never letting up,

But the second of impact is not enough, never enough, to last.

Bounces back up, every time, and the shadow escapes, a pinpoint, gone forever, gone for now.

After all, it is just a shadow, a tap on the floor, there and gone.

But it may leave a mark, a stain showing the sharp contact.

But it soft and anonymous and…

Who knows what it means,

What it will lead to.


The marks stay, eternal,

Some sit darker than others.

These are the constant marks, the hits that happen, repeated

Over and over again, they occur.  Soft the first time, but then…

That shot to the same spot leaves a darker mark then the rest and similar shots litter around.

These are the ones that matter, that make it, and show and stay.

Not the light dabbling at the border.  Those are background,

An effect, but not a problem.

The bull’s-eye is lasting.


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